Happy Spring! Grass Clippings

🌱 Lawn Lovers Unite! 🌿 Are you tired of the mundane mow-and-bag routine? Well, hold onto your sunhats because I’ve got a grassy revelation for you! 🌞🌱 Introducing Grasscycling: The Lawn Revolution You Didn’t Know You Needed! 🌿 What’s the Buzz? Mountains of Clippings: Picture this—75% of yardwaste is grass clippings. That’s right, folks! Landfills are practically doing the limbo under the weight of all those green snippets. Nutrient Goldmine: But wait, there’s more! Those clippings? They’re like little nutrient-packed energy bars for your lawn. 🌱💪 Grasscycling to the Rescue: Say hello to Grasscycling! It’s like a spa day for your turf. Instead of bagging those clippings, let 'em fall where they may. Your lawn will thank you with a standing ovation (okay, maybe not literally, but you get the idea). 🌿 Why Grasscycling Rocks: Eco-Friendly: Mother Earth gives it two green thumbs up. No more landfill guilt! Nutrient Boost: Clippings decompose, releasing nutrients back into the so

Encouraging Signs for Local Real Estate Market VIRGINIA BEACH, VA

Encouraging Signs for Local Real Estate Market VIRGINIA BEACH, VA Despite slight increases in mortgage rates during February, the real estate market across Hampton Roads continued to show encouraging signs. Data from the Real Estate Information Network – the multiple listing service in the Hampton Roads region – shows that while the number of active listings increased month-over-month & year-over-year, both pending sales and settled sales also increased month-over & year-over. #familyfirst